Semolina Shakarpare / Gud Pare

The most popular Indian snack Shakarpare/Gudpare. It is traditionally enjoyed as treat on Diwali. It is an instant source of energy, this is sweet, full of flavour, crunchy and melts in the mouth.  


Fine semolina ---------- 1 cup
Sugar/ jaggery ---------1 cup
Sesame seeds --------- 2 tbsp
Funnel seeds ---------- 1 tsp
Ghee ------------------- 2 tbsp
Ghee/oil for frying
Lukewarm milk/water as required to knead the dough.

Let's start

Step 1. In a bowl take semolina, add sesame seeds, ghee and mix it well. 

Step 2. Now add lukewarm milk in small portions and knead a soft dough. Cover and keep it aside for 20 to 30 minutes to set. 

Step 3. After 20 to 30 minutes when dough is ready, knead the dough again for couple of minutes. 

Step 4. Meanwhile heat the oil in the wok for frying. 

Step 5. Divide the dough in 2 parts, make balls from dough, press with hands and roll out thick. Cut in desired shape. 

Step 6. Check if oil is medium hot, put as many shakarpare  as many they fit.

Step 7. Stir and fry until golden brown. Then take it out and keep it aside.

Step 8. To make jaggery syrup, add 1 tbsp of ghee to the pan, add crumbled jaggery and funnel seeds stir until jaggery melts on low flame.
(To make sugar syrup put the sugar in pan, add 1/2 cup of water, stir until sugar dissolves. Make 2 to 3 string consistency sugar syrup).

Step 9. Now put all the shakarpare/ gudpare in hot syrup. Mix it very well. Keep it in a plate to cool, keep separating else they will stick.
Sakarpare/Gudpare is ready!


  • You can keep in a air tight container for 2 months.
  • If you don't have fine semolina, use regular one and add some all purpose flour / wheat flour. (1 cup of semolina 1/4 cup of flour)  

Happy Cooking :)


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